The products meet the requirements of the California Air Resources Board, New York DEC, Colorado CDPHE replacement catalysts listed as cataloged. Below are instructions on how to select aftermarket catalysts that have been approved for use in California and magnaflow offers a variety of 2005 Toyota Camry catalytic converters that meet california grade, HM Grade or OEM Grade requirements. Make sure your sedan is working properly and leave the engine light off with these replacement converters. Each converter has a durable stainless steel construction and uses a directly matched or universal design compatible with Base to XLE trim levels, which are equipped with engine options ranging from 2.4-liter in-line four-cylinder to 3.3-liter V6. Select your Toyota Camry `05 specifications and state vehicle registration to make sure you`re buying the right catalytic converter that meets your car`s needs and state`s emissions regulations. Learn how to choose the right catalytic converter for your 2005 Toyota Camry to meet your government emissions regulations. *When purchasing or installing a California-approved catalytic converter, the TEST GROUP/EFN number on your vehicle`s exhaust sticker and PART NUMBER must match the application provided. Check out our guide to finding the best catalytic converter for your vehicle and local emissions requirements. USING OUR VEHICLE SEARCH BAR at the top of this page, 5. Find the EFN or TEST GROUP (required for OBDII vehicles only).

Click here for help finding your EFN The State of California has issued Executive ORDER NUMBERS for all California applications listed, each related to a specific vehicle, to ensure state compliance, please make sure the above 5 points match. If you have any questions, please contact the Compliance Hotline Monday to Friday 7-3 Pacific Time at 1-800-288-7730 or contact us at any time. Direct-Fit, Universal, Manifold and CARB Compliant – Find out what type of catalyst meets your needs. Map the test group number of the application equipment board with the test group number of your specific vehicle.